My Review for author Domina Alexandra’s ‘Love Undercover’

Good Afternoon Everyone and welcome. Today I am presenting my review for author Domina Alexandra’s ‘Love Undercover.’ This romance/thriller will take you on for a ride. The story has one main character, Remi Stone and is told in the third person.

Remi is a cop waiting for her promotion to detective. As a trial run she is given a strange undercover assignment where it is all act. Her background fits this assignment perfectly. Growing up she acted as the parent in her family as her own were unavailable. She learned to adapt and use her instincts. This immediately caught my interest and I was hooked.

Out of this emerges a tough woman who loves a good challenge. Remi will go the extra mile for someone even if she is in a dangerous situation. Her dedication to her work pushes her to keep going until she gets what she sets out for; backing down isn’t her forte. Her caring heart reaches out further as the story goes on.

The author shows us Remi’s frustrations as she tries to separate her real life from the role she is playing in the story. At the same time, aspects of the assignment push some personal issues her way. There are many risks involved each time she attempts to open up to them. You will feel the tension in these scenes as Remi is forced to deal with them.

Remi feels like she is living in an alternative universe that is stifling her raging desires. She can’t have what she wants and she expresses it very well. However, Remi is Remi and sometimes does what she wants instead. Her actions during these scenes are powerful and put me on the edge of my seat.

Two supporting characters enter Remi’s life, Eliza Shapiro and Jessica Barnes. In the beginning, Eliza comes off as shy and insecure. During the story, she shows passive aggressive tendencies. However, underneath one can clearly see her kindness and caring traits. The circumstances cause friction between she and Remi and shows frustration about not understanding the picture. Eliza is very smart and cleaver and is able to weasel information out of people. But at what cost?

Jessica loves to play and is irresistible; her clothes and body language scream it out. She boasts confidence in her step and isn’t one to back down. She uses her sexuality to her advantage. She is able to mix business with pleasure very well. Her strong woman traits take over in a lot of scenes with she and Remi and it is fun to watch their interactions.

Romance comes to Remy in a big way. The scenes tend to be graphic, but hot, nonetheless. You are going to savor these.

This story is exciting and the plot reads smoothly. There are page-turning episodes throughout, so you’re going to want to carve out some time to read it so you can read it in one sitting. It took me about 6 hours to read and the action kept my attention. Get ready for a few surprises that will get your heart pumping. This book really touched my heart and has stayed with me.

Five Stars

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Here are two excerpts:

Excerpt 1

There were a few lieutenants gossiping idly in the bullpen a few feet away from a detective who was absentmindedly thumbing through a stack of papers at his desk while greedily slurping coffee from his mug. Not one of them acknowledged me as I passed by the bullpen, which caused my anxiety to worsen. The door of the captain’s office appeared in my view once I turned the first corner in the station and I swallowed with some difficulty as I approached.

The door was modestly ajar, but the crevice was wide enough that I was able to spy the captain at his desk surrounded by two men and a woman in freshly pressed suits. This was going to be interesting. I knocked tentatively and my breath caught in my throat as the captain’s gaze rose to meet mine.

“Officer Remi,” he gestured for me to come inside, “close the door behind you.”

I entered the room warily, the bottom of my feet dragging against the carpet, and claimed a seat in the center that put me face-to-face with the captain. Could this be about my exam application? I perked up at the possibility. Recently, I had taken the exam that would ensure my promotion to detective, but I knew that couldn’t be the purpose for this meeting. This appeared to be something entirely different.

I took a minute to scan the room to get a good look at the others – the man in a gray suit sitting in the chair closest to me was drumming his fingertips against its arm a bit more forcefully than necessary, while the other man was propped up against the full-length window and seemed more concerned with counting the web-like cracks in the corner of the ceiling than my presence. The woman stood and faced the captain and me with unnerving focus. Her posture was perfect and her long, blonde hair was perfectly groomed and swept up into a tight bun. She cleared her throat.

“Take a seat, Officer Remi.” The captain’s lips pressed together tightly to form a thin line.

I gulped as quietly as was possible, but I was certain my anxiety was palpable to everyone in the room.

“Sure thing,” I replied nervously. I forced a cough in an attempt to undo the spell of tension and smiled. “I know, I know. It’s hard to turn away from this pretty smile,” I quipped not so gracefully.

The woman used her hand to shield a smile. I wasn’t certain if it was because she found my remark genuinely funny or if she smiled simply out of courtesy. Either way, my words had done their work – the air in the office already felt four pounds lighter. My captain tended to keep his office uncluttered with no pictures, save for the one of his family positioned facing him on his desk. There were also a few plaques and medals hung on the wall, highlighting his time in the military and 20-year service as a police officer.

The captain shook his head at me. He was accustomed to my awkward comments, but the rigidity in his demeanor indicated to me that he wasn’t in the mood for my japing. He waved his hand around the room at the others. “So, what do you all think?”

Excerpt 2

I glanced at the woman expectantly.

Her eyes examined me thoroughly, taking stock of my attributes like a used car salesman attempting to determine the value of a new car on the lot. “She’s a smartass.”

Damn. She had me pegged. I shrugged, feeling my body relax with the shifting tide of the vibe in the office. “I’ve been called that a few times.”

Her red, pouty lips tremored for the space of a heartbeat. She nearly failed at stifling her laughter.

I reluctantly returned my attention to the captain. “Do I have to play charades, or will someone fill me in?”

“I think she’s perfect,” the detective interrupted. I leaned back into my chair and bit my tongue. I had a bad habit of speaking before thinking, and my patience ran out as often as the gas in my eight-cylinder truck. It was too early for me to be playing guessing games or scolding men who clearly lacked basic manners.

“Officer Remi, you are one of my best officers. I know you applied for the detective exam, so I want you to consider what you are about to be offered as a detective position on a trial basis.”

Now I was listening.


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