My Review for KC Luck’s ‘Lesbian Billionaires Club’

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you so much for all your support for this blog. I really appreciate it. Today I am posting my review for Author KC Luck’s ‘The Lesbian Billionaires Club.’

It’s as if while I was gone, she missed me and not because I have money and power, but because I’m me.

Luck, KC. ‘The Lesbian Billionaires Club’

The Lesbian Billionaires club takes the reader into the world of the rich and elite. Here you get to experience what so many strive for. However, there is a catch to this lifestyle.

The story opens at the executive ladies only club with the main protagonist, Madison is meeting with the other members of the group. Each one uses a fictional name and the secret location of the meetings change. Madison is a wealthy woman in the entertainment industry who loves the finer things in life.

Madison has a personality that draws others to her. Her charm is addicting. However at the same time she comes off as a hardened, bored, and oversexed woman. As much as she loves her life, inside she is hollow, searching for fulfillment. Nothing can stand in her way once she has her mind set. Being a strong woman, she uses it to her advantage at times. Challenges don’t scare her and she won’t stop until she gets what she wants.

During the story, Madison faces opportunities that will show another side of her personality.

The lover in the story is hot and very sweet. Her sexuality will turn you on in an instant. She comes across as apologetic, but sincere. Her gratitude for life has humbled her. She works hard and stays true to her word. In her mind rests a secret that the author did a great job of letting us know bits and pieces at a time. You will be amazed at some of her actions.

At one point in the story, Madison is presented with a challenge to soften her set ways. The reader gets to see her thinking process very clearly. The twists and turns of this assignment will keep you clinging to the pages. The question is, can Madison adhere to the rules of it?

Later a thrilling twist emerges, pulling our heroines in full force.

The romance scenes are very hot and sensual, but very graphic. Several choice words are used, just so you know. The amount of sex in the story was a bit overwhelming for me. If you like this, you’re going to savor during these scenes.

I felt sad at times as the author showed the reality of being rich and famous; although the women in the story are very powerful financially, they are limited in what they can do socially. Not to mention being constantly on the lookout for any paparazzi. They literally have to formulate a plan each time they go out into the world; the desire to remain anonymous is not always easy to achieve. The author does a great job showing their frustrations over this.

This story is beautifully written and I enjoyed it. It pulled me along and I was thinking about the story when I wasn’t reading. It has page turning aspects to it that kept me glued the entire ride. At the end of each chapter hooks are in place to keep you from putting it down. You will experience happy feelings throughout. The places in the plot are amazing and the descriptions will capture you and put you in the scenes. I am encouraging all of you to go get the book.

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Here are two excerpts:

Excerpt 1:

Standing at the bar in the lavish penthouse apartment, I slowly make myself a scotch over ice. Not just any scotch. Glenlivet. Aged longer than the fifty-one years I’ve been alive. Life is too short to drink shitty alcohol. Besides, I could afford it. Easily. Twenty-seven years as a puppet master pulling the strings behind Roseland Media, and I am worth 1.3 billion. Maybe more considering how well the stock market is doing. Some of the biggest acts in entertainment answer to me. I am the manager to the managers of superstars of music, film, and a little of everything else. No one makes money without me getting a cut. A large cut.

Smiling, I sip the scotch and turn back to the room. The lights are low, just the way I like them at night, casting shadows across the sleek lines of the black and chrome furniture. An Asian inspired design. Clean, minimal, nothing unnecessary in its function. Whenever I come to Chicago, I stay at the International Towers along the city’s Miracle Mile and in this space. They know me here, but then again, don’t, because I use a name other than my own. The world is too small a place to be anything but discreet. Besides, one of the rules of the club I belong to is no names, no titles, no acknowledgment of who any of us are aside from the richest lesbians in the world—a small, exclusive cadre of wealth and power.

In the morning, we will meet. Not everyone who qualifies will make it, but I’m confident most will as there is something invigorating about being surrounded by so much power. Of course, there’s always some posturing; too many type-A personalities to have otherwise, but for the most part, the group lets me relax, as if we ‘get’ each other. Besides, we always have a bit of fun. Someone will always challenge another to a wager or two. It’s funny how bored a person gets when they can buy absolutely anything in the world.

Excerpt 2:

Gritting my teeth in frustration, I continue to scroll my phone’s list. I need someone to distract me. Finally, a name I remember fondly lands under my thumb. A sexy brunette who made a few movies for me before marrying a successful director and giving up the acting business. That she married a man doesn’t bother me. I have a fond spot for straight women, probably because it takes a feminine type to really turn me on. Dresses and heels. Satin and lace. This contact choice fits the bill perfectly, and I type in a text. “Busy?”

The pause is long enough to make me frustrated, and I am about to scroll again when a text comes back. “Never for you.”

I smile. This I like, and I type off a quick reply. “Tell me what you are doing.”

“I’m sunbathing beside the pool.” There is a pause, and I wait for it knowing there is more. I am not disappointed. “Topless.”

A grin crosses my face. “Need help with your tanning lotion? Hate to have you burn.”

“I do need help. Very much. I want your hands on me.”

Five Stars

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