Book Release! – SW Andersen’s ‘A Call To Justice’

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you so much for your visit to my last blog, guest written by Kelly Aten-Keilen. Today I am presenting a book release by Author SW Andersen, ‘A Call to Justice.’ This lesbian western is the third book in the Sarah Sawyer series. It was recently debuted adding to this sizzling epic. The author has a few words to share about the story.

I appreciate you giving me a spot in your blog. My new book is “A Call To Justice,” released Jan 24, 2021.

A few bits about the book and series:

This third book starts two years later with Sarah, Jo and the gang having silenced the ghosts of their pasts and building their futures together. Unfortunately, life tugs Sarah in a new direction, one she had resisted, and in doing so, she stumbles into something much bigger than petty mischief and livestock thefts. This book, I feel, could be read as a stand-alone. The first two were continuations of a similar theme, but this is a whole new life, and there are plenty of snippets from the past to carry you through. 

I love writing Sarah Sawyer and couldn’t wait to have her take on something bigger than revenge, something where she could be strong for others and make a difference. I wanted to have her evolve over the series, and I feel like this story accomplishes that, and so far, reader feedback agrees, so that’s always nice. I hope fans of the series will still get all the feels- sweet and edgy- that Sarah and Jo can evoke and that new readers will want to check out their earlier adventures. 

I am working on a prequel all in Sarah’s POV of how she meets Jessie and Jo and fills in a few blanks in her past. The Sarah we see now is always so meticulous and calculating. I’m thinking that’s not how she started out. Should be a fun adventure.


Gunslinger Sarah Sawyer has overcome her demons, vengeance-seeking relatives, and a loner streak as wide as the horizon to settle down out west with her partner, Jo.

But peace seems too much to ask for with the influx of new settlers, illness, and brazen thefts stirring tensions.

When a spate of white killings puts Native Americans in the crosshairs as the culprits, Sarah has a whole lot of questions and few answers she’s willing to swallow.

Driven by her desire to protect her town and root out injustice, Sarah reluctantly picks up the badge and seeks to reveal the truth.

Book three in the Sarah Sawyer series is an exciting Western that’s as down to earth as the dust on a tough rancher’s boots.  



For years I had walked in the valley of the shadow of death, fearing nothing, feeling nothing—not wanting to die, but not giving much thought to a life ahead. Not until the very blood that had led me there also led me back into the light. Twice. Now, as I stared out the window at all we’d built, I was surrounded by life. The crops we’d grown. The livestock we’d raised. The family we’d forged. The love we’d cultivated. On the rare occasion when I’d taken a step back to look at how far I’d come, there’d been a sense of awe. And I owed it all to Jo, the woman whose depth of love and strength of patience bested my stubbornness.

Stretching my limbs, I sucked in a deep breath of warm summer air and tried to ignore the stiffness that reminded me I was getting older. Hard to believe only a few years ago, the majority of my nights were spent on the hard grounds I’d traveled, though the nagging aches served as a daily reminder. When a familiar warm body engulfed me from behind, all soreness vanished. Jo’s soft lips graced my neck, and I seriously considered leaving my chores for another day. Other needs required tending to. Important ones.

“Good morning,” she said, her breath tickling my ear. The low hum of her voice against my back did things to me that defied explanation.

“It is now.” I pulled her left hand up to my lips and greeted them with a kiss.

“There you go with that sweet talk again. You know where that’ll get ya.”

“I do.” A smile rolled up, waiting for her to challenge my work ethic. I didn’t have to wait long. Jo slipped around in front with one of those teasing grins upon her lips, the very definition of temptation in the flesh.

“Whatever happened to my hardworking cowgirl?” Her long dark hair had been pulled up, but a few incorrigible tendrils fell to her collarbone.

“Oh, I promise I’ll be working hard.”   

Brushing the hair back over her shoulder, I licked my lips, ready to taste her skin. Jo’s head lulled back as a deep laugh escaped, teasing me with her slender neck that called to my mouth the way a whistle beckoned a horse. My gaze traveled lower, and my heart kicked up into a gallop at the sight of her. Jo stood before me in nothing but my blue shirt parted open down the center, barely covering her breasts. Long legs descended from the hem.

So beautiful.

“And it’ll be extremely rewarding,” I added, a low growl rumbling out.  

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Thanks again. (S.W. Andersen)

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Sapphic romances where love knows no bounds.

I want to thank you, SW Andersen, for sharing your new release with us today.

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Be sure to stop by next week when I’ll be presenting my review for a sizzling romance.

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