My Review for LL Shelton’s ‘Finding Kathleen’

Hello Everyone and welcome. Today I am posting my review for Author LL Shelton’s ‘Finding Kathleen.’ This is the first book in the ‘Nights of Lily Ann’ series. Kathleen and Lily Ann are the main protagonists. The story is told from the third point of view.

Kathleen is an older lesbian who is alone after the passing of her wife two years prior. Her pain has put her in a rut with her life and doesn’t want to explore new things. For the most part she is optimistic, but a bit shy when it comes to dating. She comes off as a bit laid back and isn’t worried in situations where others would be. Her bold confidence will grab you. Her motto is “All bark, no bite.”

Lily Ann is the legal guardian to her minor siblings. She has two careers, each very different from the other. Family is very important to her and she shows how motherly she is.  Her relation with her one of her younger sisters is very special and strong.  Lily Ann’s confidence has been boosted by her successful parenting skills. Her patience is very strong and natural for her. Angry people soon find themselves diffused when around her, as she knows how to tame any situation with her soft and loving demeanor. Her love for life is prevalent in each scene she is in. You can’t help but fall in love with her.

Bonnie is another protagonist. She works with Kathleen and has been out of the dating market for some time. Her compassion for others is heartful as she is able to see beneath a person’s outsides. She has an understanding for others needs. She thinks things through and isn’t rash with her decisions. However, her low self esteem emerges during certain times.

One secondary character needs to be mentioned. Elaine is Kathleen’s sister and best friend. She is direct and speaks truthfully. She has a big heart for Kathleen and is always there for her. However she is sometimes a pain in the ass and they sometimes have tense conversations. Their sister-bond is priceless.

There is one POV in the book that will get you laughing. I savored this part because it is nothing like I‘ve ever read before. And the character is really touching.   

The romance scenes are hot, but graphic. What is really cool is that the author includes the women’s emotions, which added depth to the sizzling scenes. 

This book is moderately paced and can be read in one sitting. It is perfect for that Friday night read. It flows back and forth between the main characters. There are many page turning parts that will have you wondering what is happening next. The hot drama will grab you and your heart will pump as the plot goes on. This story is amazing and I recommend it.

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Here is an excerpt to get you started:

Kathleen’s desk looked as if a bomb had exploded in the middle of it. Clients were waiting until the last minute to add tax deductions for the year. Being a CPA had its advantages, but clients thought they could perform magic. She looked at the paper in front of her. How does this client think I can deduct her dog’s toenail clipping off her bakery business taxes?  She thought. Tossing the piece of paper on top of a growing pile, Kathleen buried her face in her hands.

“Everything okay, Kathleen?”

Kathleen jumped at the sound. Her arm swung wide, knocking over a cup filled with pens. Hands reached out frantically while trying to catch the runaway items. Papers fluttered in the air, landing in different piles. The remaining loose pens fell to the floor, finding their way under her desk.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” The woman standing before her said.

Kathleen looked up to find the most beautiful brown eyes looking down into hers. They were light brown with tiny green specks floating around the center. The newest employee of the office leaned gently on her desk. A week ago, they had said a casual hello before Kathleen buried herself in her cubicle. Socializing with a co-worker was not at the top of the to-do list. Kathleen couldn’t help but think about the new employee after their short introduction. Her eyes found the new girl a few times after that. She watched her at the water fountain, in the employee lounge, and as she walked out to her car. Her looks reminded Kathleen of Victoria. Medium height carrying a little extra weight around the center — curly blond hair that bounced. Dressed nicely in pants suits, she would be more comfortable dressed down in a pair of Wrangler jeans and a flannel shirt.

“It is fine. No harm.” Kathleen pushed herself back from the desk with both arms. She leaned over in her chair, still chasing down the runaway pens. Suddenly, the chair tipped and rolled.  Kathleen found herself falling to the floor with a thump. The final position was on all fours halfway under the desk.

“Oh my gosh!” the woman yelled as she squatted joining Kathleen under the desk. “Let me help you up.”

Kathleen placed one arm flat on the desk and the other into the crook of the new girl’s elbow. The woman lifted, and Kathleen pushed. Kathleen was back in a standing position with one last surge of energy. She turned around finding the solid surface of her desk to lean on. She brushed the hair away from the now reddened face. “Are you hurt, Kathleen? “No, I am fine.” The words stopped because Kathleen couldn’t remember the woman’s name. It was on the tip of her tongue. “Sorry, I can’t recall your name.”

Five Stars

Thank you for stopping by today. Like I said above, I really enjoyed this book and am encouraging you to get your copy. Be sure to stop by next time when I’ll be presenting something new.

Until Next Time,


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