My Review of LL Shelton’s ‘Nights of Lily Ann – Redemption of Carly

Good Afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you. Today I have a special treat for you. A few months ago I posted my review for LL Shelton‘s ‘Nights of Lily Ann – Finding Kathleen,’ which you can read by clicking the link below.

Today, I am presenting my review for the sequel to this story, ‘Nights of Lily Ann – Redemption of Carly.’ If you loved the first book, you’re going to savor this one. Let’s meet the players.

Lily Ann is back, and this time is helping a woman named Carly. Lily Ann is her nurturing, heart of gold self. You can’t help but love her since her demeanor is so genuine and kind. Her family is significant to her, and she always has time for them. Her profession pays well but is not well understood by some. The motherly vibe she has with the younger children is priceless and loving. I fell in love with her and you will too.

Carly is laidback but hardworking and ambitious. Her sense of humor made me laugh at times. Her confidence is addicting, and you will see why in the book. Her place of residence might be a dream for some, and it suits her perfectly. She is her own woman who can handle different kinds of sticky situations. Deeply buried within her heart lies a painful emotion that she doesn’t disclose to anyone, including those close to her. A passion of hers comes to the surface, adding much depth to her character.

Jewel is Carly’s best friend. She has a sisterly vibe. She means well, but tells things as they are and stands her own ground. She manages to ruffle feathers with Carly at times, but is always there for her. The dynamic between she and Carly is one of true friendship.

A blast from the past shows up unannounced and changes the direction of the story. This antagonist is obnoxious and succeeded in grabbing my attention to their bold actions. This character will get under your skin as they do to our protagonist. The intensity of this drama will draw you in.

One of the characters has a physical challenge, and the author explores it. I feel compassion for this actor and understand their frustration. I applaud the author for including this issue. Our world is diverse and it is important that we are inclusive of one another. In order to understand others, we need to expand our perceptions and see the world from their point of view.

The romantic scenes are artfully distinguished. One scene in particular will excite and interest you by displaying the consensual passion and joy the couple shares through physical intimacy.

The descriptions are vivid and thrilling. It is a moderately paced experience that took me about five hours to read. Set aside some time to read it through because you will not want to put it down. The energy between the players is genuine and will touch your heart.

I am looking forward to the next installment – coming next year! In the meanwhile, get your copy of this gem and relish it over a cup of joe!

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Here is an excerpt.

Carly sniffed the air at the same time Sully released a low, hoarse squawk. “I can smell her coming,” Carly told her friend. “What brings you here on a Thursday? Are you hiding from Heidi?” Carly called out.

“It’s freaky how Sully warns you when I have arrived. Hey, Sully! Is Carly behaving herself?” Jewel bent over, picked a fish out of the bucket with two fingers, and tossed it, which Sully caught in midair with a crunch. Two squawks sounded, and he took flight. Jewel sat on the small couch beside her best friend. She held the two fingers out at a distance, as if infected, before finding a tissue to wipe the fishy feel from them. “Heidi dumped me.” She tossed the tissue in the trash bin next to her, sat back, kicked her heels off, and flung them across the deck of the boat.

“Sorry about that, but she was no enormous loss.” Carly placed the wire cutters up, the tool bag in the cabinet, and the crab pot back on the second stack of the first row. “How about a beer?”

“Or two,” Jewel responded.

Carly made her way to the boat’s kitchen. She bought the fishing boat, Feeling Desire, at nineteen in an auction, and the hundred-and-fifty-footer constructed of the finest materials floated with confidence and power, and earned respect among the local fishing vessels. A new offer to purchase it came from the other fishers around the marina daily, but she would never sell. Her boat was home. Living on the boat for the last six years enabled Carly to be close to the one place she loved the most — the water. She made her way back with two cans of beer and a box of Ritz crackers, but as she rounded the small coffee table, her foot stepped on Jewel’s shoes in the middle of the deck and she tumbled. Her arms reached forward to catch herself, but found only air. Beer cans hit the floor and rolled to the front of the boat as her body slammed into the wood, with her elbow absorbing the brunt of the fall. Her mouth opened while she gasped for air and groaned.

“Oh my god, Carly. I am so sorry.” Jewel ran and kneeled beside her.

Her friend rolled side to side in agony, cradling her elbow. The pain laid clear on her face with anger mixed. It had been months since she took such a hard fall.

“Is anything broken? What can I do?” Jewel asked.

With gritted teeth, Carly hissed out, “Pick up whatever I fell over and help me up.”

Finally, resting on the couch, Jewel handed Carly the beer she retrieved from across the boat. They held the cans away from their bodies, popped the lid with a hissing sound, followed by a spray of beer, and took a long draw. Jewel pulled Carly into an embrace and rested her head on hers.


Five Stars!

Thank you for stopping by today. Be sure to pick up your copy of this book because you will not be disappointed. Next week, I’ll be presenting a book announcement for Author Domina Alexandra!

Until Next Time,


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