Release Party – ‘Endless as the Stars’ by Domina Alexandra!

Hello Everyone, and a warm welcome! Today we have a special treat. Author Domina Alexandra‘s new release, Endless as the Stars, is debuting next weekend! As a fan of Domina’s work, I can’t wait! Her stories are filled with romance and thrills and strong female protagonists! Read on!

I have a review further down for one of her books for you to read more!

Author Domina Alexandra

Book Summary:

Tia Benson is living her best life until one night takes away the only brother she ever knew. Now without a paramedic partner, Tia must learn how to navigate life on and off duty. Life doesn’t get much easier when she is forced to work with medics who only remind her of what she lost.

After losing her husband on the job, Carina Simpson’s life suddenly spirals out of control. The last thing she expected was to become a single mother overnight to three kids. Broken and alone, Carina takes a risk reaching out to the one person who could possibly understand her pain.

A friendship that begins through loss, gradually develops into something beautiful and unexpected, finding love as Endless as the Stars.

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A teaser for you!


Carina heard the front door shut and closed her eyes. She heard someone coming downstairs and knew Tia was approaching.

“She’s why you put distance between us? Because she thinks I’m influencing you?” Tia sounded hurt.

Carina didn’t want to end up arguing with Tia too. “What I told you last night was true,” she defended.

“But not all true,” Tia retorted. Carina said nothing and that answer was enough. Tia shook her head. The idea that they were having this compromising conversation was unsettling. Tia felt something with Carina she shouldn’t have, and it needed to end. “You know, I’d never do anything to disrespect you or Bruce. Maybe coming here last night was a mistake. Because if anything, for the first time, I feel like I insulted his memories. They shouldn’t have found us like that.”

“Tia,” Carina called out as Tia turned to leave, headed for the front door. “Please!” They stood close, the front door in view. Carina pinched the bridge of her nose, a migraine from her mild hangover making its first appearance. “Why do you always try to leave when no one’s trying to kick you out? It’s like you’re trying to spare yourself.”

Tia waved her hands out, not knowing where to put them. A complication like this could ruin their friendship and Tia couldn’t imagine life without Carina and her kids. “I don’t ever want to do anything that would dishonor Bruce and the friendship we had.”

“You could never dishonor him, Tia. Neither could I nor my kids.” Carina reached for her hand, but Tia pulled back.

“I can’t.”

Carina wanted so badly for Tia to stop fearing the connection they had and just be emotionally present. “Tia, I’m not contemplating being with someone else in that kind of way. I’m barely emptying the house of Bruce’s things. I’m not ready for that.” Carina’s eyes teared up, trying to get Tia to see the truth. “I just like being near you.” Her voice softened almost to a whisper, vulnerable enough to share her thoughts. “You make me feel safe. And strong. I like knowing you can lean on me too. I missed you. Neither of us is doing anything wrong. And I’m not asking you to stay because you remind me of Bruce in some twisted way. I’m sorry, but you don’t look or act like him.” Carina smiled. “I like having you around. I tried the not having you around thing, and that didn’t work out for you nor me. We’re friends. That’s all I want and need from you.”

Tia cracked her knuckles, unsure what to think or believe.

Carina stepped forward, linking their fingers together. It amazed Carina how soft Tia’s hands were and how she never wanted to let go. “We need each other.”

Tia nodded. “Okay.”


About Domina Alexandra

Domina Alexandra is a native of Southern California, born in 1988, and has recently transplanted to Salem, Oregon. She is an author of stories with strong female protagonists, authentic emotions, and thrilling action scenes that mirror her career as an EMT on the way to becoming a SWAT Medic. She grew up writing poetry as an outlet and, in 2006, joined a Live Theater program, where she played many roles in a production of plays and musicals. During her four years of acting, she fell in love with writing monologues, screenplays, and all things story. When she’s not saving lives as an EMT, she advocates for LGBT Youth with a vision of growing a stronger community of care, acceptance, and compassion. Her books include Her Endure. She gets her imaginative ideas from her life as an EMT as well as being stuck in her head too long as a child.


Thank you for visiting! This book goes on sale on May 15, but you can preorder your copy today by clicking the link below:

Endless as the Stars

Below is a book review I did for Domina’s last book, Love Undercover.

Be sure to stop by next time when I’ll be presenting a book review.

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