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Hello Friends and welcome! Today I am sharing with you a book review for a story that I really enjoyed, ‘Switching Gears’ by Rhavensfyre. It is a bit on the long side, but the drama and the relationship between the two main characters is really captivating. This is a romance story you don’t want to miss! You will see how love can change everything. This review was originally published March, 13, 2015.

Good morning readers.  I hope you are all enjoying yourselves today.  It’s the weekend and time for some fun.  I have a special story to share with you.,  “Switching Gears” by Rhavensfyre (Roxanne and KL Rhavensfyre).  So grab yourself a coffee and pull up a chair.  You’re going to LOVE this one!

“What would Micah Do?”

Roxy Raven and Kris KL Rhavensfyre

Micah is a very complex and independent woman who listens to no one.  She is a former law intern who is now working as a bike messenger.  Micah is incredibly hot.  She dresses up in leathers, is buffed out, and likes loud music.  It’s no surprise that she loves to go to the clubs to dance.  Wrapping around her body is a beautiful tattoo.     Her spirit is one of a kind.  She’s intriguing and has a mysterious vibe to her.   I had to know more about her! However Micah holds back a lot of herself and can appear to be aloof.  Also she avoids drama whenever she can.  Growing up she was abused and still carries the old pains, which she does her best to bury.  Her bike is her friend and she feels freedom when she rides, alone.

On the outside I found Micah to be lovable despite her tough act.  Inside is a heart of gold waiting to emerge.  The feelings she had for her lover Olivia’s daughter, Regina were genuine and the motherly love was definitely there.  It was beautiful how the two bonded over similar interests.  Micah is one hell of a woman and one who she can be proud of.  I admired her bravery when she realized she needed to confront her fears head on.   Her strength was as though she was a big tree in a strong windstorm.  The vibration felt was that of power and courage.  Her actions gave me encouragement.  Olivia is a sophisticated workaholic attorney, who is almost the opposite of Micah.  Where Micah is rough around the edges, Olivia is feminine and self assured.   At the same time, she is a strong and daring woman.  She burns with passion and knows how to get want she wants.  The initial impression I had of Olivia was that she was cold hearted and official;  at times, controlling and covert.   The way Olivia was described made the character believable.  The authors did an excellent job on how they slowly revealed her. 

The authors portrayal of the sensuality between the lovers is magical and romantic.  It is well written and defiantly for mature audiences.    What can I say?  I just adore both women.  I want to thank the authors for creating such two very special characters.  I loved reading how the love relationship between Olivia and Micah evolves.  Both women have experienced a lot in their lives and compliment each other. Never have I been so attracted to the characters of a book as I was with both Micah and Olivia.  I found myself thinking about them even when I wasn’t reading.    If you want to experience this mind opening journey, pick this one up right away.

Switching Gears is not a quick read but trust me, it is definitely worth your time.   This story is extraordinary!  “Switching Gears” has forever changed me.

Five stars.

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Here is an Excerpt to get you started:


Despite her best attempt not to, she couldn’t help but berate herself for failing to realize her new job might send her back to the last place on earth she wanted to be. She had left without notice almost a year ago and now here she was delivering a package. As a bike messenger, she delivered packages all over the city, but she hadn’t thought her new job would require her to step foot into this particular building again.

What the hell am I doing here?

Muttering under her breath, Micah realized that she was also frowning angrily, earning a few questioning looks from employees as they briskly walked past her. Schooling her face back to a more neutral expression, she checked her reflection as she walked past a large painting hanging on the wall. The shiny glass revealed a tan face hidden behind mirrored wraparound sunglasses, while her raven black hair, cut tight in the back, lay hidden under her messenger service cap. The cap used to be black but was faded almost grey from sun exposure and marked with bright blue lettering proclaiming her status as a bike messenger. A stylized speeding bicycle logo sprinted across the brim as if trying to escape the worn fabric. She almost laughed aloud when she realized that she had dressed entirely in black today, a fitting color to her mood right now.

Spotting her old friend Amanda, she smiled and quickened her steps. Amanda was a friendly face at least, and she just might be able to help make her delivery a little less painful.

“Hey, A.”

Amanda gasped, no doubt startled to hear Micah’s voice. Micah had been declining Amanda’s offers to meet for lunch since she had left the law firm, so her reaction was understandable. They had struck up a casual friendship when she had started working at the law firm. Over time, the two women had found out that they truly liked each other and actually had a lot in common, women for one thing. Micah now considered Amanda a good friend.

“Whatever are you doing here?” Amanda asked, flashing a nervous glance towards the office door behind Micah before leaning over her desk to give Micah a brief hug.

“Hell if I know, A.” Micah shrugged, pulling off her cap and tossing it on Amanda’s desk before nervously running her fingers through already unruly locks. She pulled her sunglasses up onto the top of her head, undoing her finger combing completely before pulling out a large envelope from her messenger bag.

“Apparently I have a delivery for Olivia, so if you will just sign for it?” She asked, trying to shove the large envelope toward Amanda while offering her the clipboard and pen, a signature away from escaping. Standing this close to Olivia’s office was threatening to overwhelm Micah’s ability to remain calm and cool; she knew the door was open but resisted the urge to check over her shoulder to see if Olivia was at her desk. Maybe if Olivia did not see her, Micah wouldn’t have to risk explaining her sudden absence.

Remembering the last time she was in Olivia’s presence, Micah felt her face go red hot. The object of her soul’s darkest fantasies and the source of her heart’s deepest betrayal, Olivia still had the power to make her nervous, tapping into every uncertainty she usually managed to keep hidden away. Micah had met Olivia Holden during her second interview for an intern position, and was surprised that she had been accepted for the job after her embarrassing and tongue tied interview. She had walked into her office an assured and confident graduate student with a promising future in law, and sat down in front of a woman so beautiful and elegant that the power to speak clearly drained right out of her along with her ability to think straight.

Olivia Holden was a formidable woman, and at thirty-eight, she was also one of the youngest and most influential female attorneys in the New York area. She was also absolutely, and without any doubt in Micah’s mind, one of the most stunning creatures she had ever laid eyes on. Olivia wasn’t a large woman, in fact, she was a couple of inches shorter than Micah even in heels and ran closer to the willowy side of slim. She had pale blond hair and high cheekbones that framed her most striking feature, ice blue eyes that were as dangerous as a late winter storm. Depending on her mood, they could run as pale as cold frost or as deep as the darkening sky before twilight fell. When Olivia looked at you with those piercing eyes, it was as if she was stripping you down to your bare soul. When Micah found those cool as ice eyes assessing her from across the desk, she was sure that Olivia could read her thoughts as clearly as the words on the legal brief laying in front of her. She had met the infamous and oh-so-untouchable Olivia Holden, and found herself overcome with the desire to do just that, touch. It was a cruel turn of fate that she found her desire fine-tuning itself towards the one woman she couldn’t approach, let alone have.


I want to thank you all for visiting today! The characters are whom I’m going to remember for a long time. A big thanks to Rhavensfyre for creating the story. For more about the authors, you can visit their links below:

Kris KL Rhavensfyre

Roxy Raven Rhavensfyre

Rhavensfyre Amazon Author Central Page

Characters of Rhavensfyre

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