My Review for CL Cattano’s ‘Cursed Hearts’

Hello Everyone and welcome! Today I am presenting my review for a book which interests me a great deal. I have been fascinated by the paranormal since I can remember. Author CL Cattano has captured this genre in ‘Cursed Hearts.’ Get ready for an adventurous ride, one filled with thrills, romance, and paranormal phenomena!

Author CL Cattano

How could I miss someone this much who I barely know…”

C.L. Cattano. Cursed Hearts

This story has many players, but this blog will discuss the two main characters; two women, Jessie and Louise. This couple experiences a unique paranormal twist throughout several lifetimes. Flash forward to the present, Rowan is a successful businesswoman who raises money for charity. She has a positive attitude and soft demeanor. She listens to her intuition. Negative thinking has no place in her life. Her heart yearns for love much more profoundly than she realizes. She faces obstacles fearlessly into the unknown pursuing her heart’s desire.

Molly exists in a loveless marriage with someone who refuses to accept her for who she is; the relationship is horrible. Molly’s partner is using her for financial gain and show. This whole fiasco strains Molly internally, and she comes off as a bit naïve and fearful of stepping out into her own. However, Molly is talented and passionate about things she believes in. Get ready for some action!

There are a few point of views from secondary characters. Their dialogs and narrated descriptions express their roles without going into their heads.

Having the knowledge of true love, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually, is a gift that is more valuable than anything on this earth. No matter what, no matter how bad things are or how hard things are sometimes, true love is the one thing you can count on, is undeniable, unwavering, and unconditional.

C.L. Cattano. Cursed Hearts

The romance scenes are plentiful, but there are a few choice words just so you are aware. The steamy descriptions show emotion, tenderness, and love.

Cursed Hearts offers excitement and interest, however it does seem a bit slow in the beginning. I’m glad I continued! The subject matter will keep you reading and the the well-developed characters will draw you in with an excellent showing of the story with thrills that will send shivers down your spine; nothing like a race against the clock to increase the suspense. You are going to love how the author displays the unraveling of the mystery. The plot, with it’s page-turning scenes will keep your heart pumping and your eyes glued to the words in this enchanting book.

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5 stars


I have included three excerpts from the story to get you started!

Excerpt 1:

Knives, meat, and guts were strewn across the kitchen table and dripping onto the floor. Jessie took in the gory scene with horror and softly gasped as she watched the culprit stand over the slimy mess with a large, sharp, gleaming knife. She watched quietly until she gained some control over her emotions as the culprit cut and slashed with manic determination.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jessie asked as calmly as she could as she watched the sharp knife come down on the soft flesh and then make a sucking sound as it was pulled free.

The offender looked up in surprise at Jessie’s outburst and gave her a menacing grin while holding the shining knife in the air, poised for another plunge into the firm but yielding flesh. “Stop right there! Don’t come any closer!”

Jessie put her hand to her mouth and shook her head in disbelief. “Louise! Just how many fucking pumpkins did you buy?”

Louise looked up innocently at Jessie and quickly dropped the knife to her side. “Well, I’ve got thirteen.”

“Thirteen? Thirteen! Why the hell did you have to get thirteen pumpkins?” Jessie fumed.

“Now, Jess, don’t be mad. This is our first Halloween together, and I just wanted to do things right,” Louise explained.

“Do things right? Look at this mess! I hope you know I’m not helping you clean it up!”

Louise looked around at the messy kitchen and laughed. “I did kind of make a big mess.”

Excerpt 2:

Molly made her way through the crowded restaurant wondering just what exactly she was doing there. She had no intention of calling the gallery owner, let alone agreeing to have dinner tonight. But when she told Eric about the invitation and Ms. Cortman’s interest in her pendant— leaving out the kiss, of course— he was adamant that she go.

She knew why he wanted her to go. She just didn’t know why she let him convince her. He wanted the bragging rights that came with having the private number of the most prestigious and beautiful Ms. Cortman in his contact circle. He wanted to use the opportunity as a stepping-stone to richer clients and more money for himself.

Apparently, his girlfriend was now in some sort of select club with a person whom Eric claimed was, on top of everything else, the sexiest woman ever. Molly was not sure if she even wanted to be in that club, but she was here now.

“Sexiest woman ever?” Molly mumbled under her breath while looking even more uneasy as she searched the crowd for the president of that select club.

“Ms. Gentry?” asked a thick Italian-accented voice.

Molly turned and found herself in the presence of a smiling woman who exuded pure sexuality. She was surprised because she had no idea who the woman was, but she hesitantly answered. “Yes, I’m Molly Gentry.”

The woman looked at Molly, sized her up, and nodded her head in apparent approval. “I am Valoria. Rowan. Ms. Cortman is waiting for you. Follow me. I will take you to her.”

Molly followed Valoria through the restaurant. She watched as Valoria stopped and made comments to guests and gave instructions to waiters as they made their progress toward the back. They came to a semi-private alcove where Molly realized the woman standing to greet her was Ms. Cortman. She was transformed, stunning, and looked even more beautiful and exotic in her evening outfit and with her dark hair stylishly coifed. Molly blushed when she realized she was staring.

Excerpt 3:

Rowan looked up from her computer screen puzzled by the soft knocking on the door.

She sighed at the interruption and got up to answer the door. The sight that met Rowan’s eyes as she opened the door was both heartbreaking and monumentally joyful. Heartbreaking because she could see the uncertainty and fear on Molly’s face. It was a face that was surrounded by dripping wet blonde hair darkened from the rain, and her eyes and her cheeks were ruddy from crying.

Rowan could see Molly’s body shaking from a mix of holding back her emotions and the chill of the water that had soaked through her clothes to her skin. All of those things Rowan could see, but in spite of them, the feeling of elation filled her at the unexpected and wonderful sight of the one she loved.

Even though Rowan’s heart and soul were filled with delight, she fought to control herself and spoke cautiously. “Hi,” she said softly not wanting to do or say anything to make Molly walk away again.

Molly looked down at the pool of water that had formed under her feet. “Hi,” was all she could manage as she shifted nervously. She swallowed some of her fear and looked up into Rowan’s eyes. “Rowan, I’m sorry,” she said softly. “I shouldn’t have walked away. We,” she sniffed, “we need to talk.”


Thank you for visiting today. For more about CL Cattano, please click on her links below. If you are interested, you may also check out my review for her first book of Salfaggio’s Light: Shattered Paradise. I would love to hear your thoughts on Cursed Hearts. I thank CL Cattano for writing it. Don’t forget to click on the book link below and get your copy today!

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