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Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today we have Author/Musician Michelle Marra as our guest. If you haven’t read, ‘The Dark Star‘, yet, listen up. In this blog we are having a giveaway for a signed copy from Michelle. All you need to do is put in a comment to this blog or else contact me at

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I had the pleasure of beta reading this story and will tell you, it is a great story! I will be posting my review for it soon. Let’s welcome Michelle!

Blurb – I’ve always had an active imagination.  Even as a child, I would conjure up worlds inside my head which proved to be very helpful during times I was on a time out; however, it was called standing in the corner back in the 70s.  When I was in second grade, we had to write stories, and the teacher would ask us to read them aloud.  I was painfully shy as a kid and always asked someone else to read my story.  But there was this one time I wrote a story about monsters, some good and some scary, and their good vs. scary depended on their colors.  Blue or purple, maybe even green…I remember reading it aloud but being so incredibly nervous.  The outcome was favorable, and I remember how excited I was that my classmates enjoyed my story.

My writing has taken on many forms, from poetry to children’s books to lesbian fiction.  I’ve published two books of poetry, seven children’s books and have just released my sixth lesbian fiction novel.  If you’re wondering how I made the step from writing about puppy dogs and spiders to writhing women, torture, murder, stalking, paralysis…FBI agents, talk show host, lawyer, and a rock star…it was a simple one.  One of my favorite authors, Harper Bliss, had a contest to write a short story with suspense, romance, love and everything in between. That short story birthed my suspense thriller series “Hell Hath No Fury” with book one called Fallout.   I never did submit the short story; I went on to write in the genre I’ve grown to love.

After the trilogy was completed, I wasn’t sure how to get something new started outside of Nina and Alex, who were the main characters from the series.  But then suddenly, a new character was conjured up in my head, and I went on to write ‘Without A Pail’.  It is amazing when the characters come to life inside my head; they actually start to breathe, and I can say at times I’m as close to them as I am to any of my friends.  It is a strange sensation when I get into the grove, and the words I type become a movie reel that floats in my brain, and I watch it all unfold.

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My newest novel, ‘The Dark Star‘, started as a construct when I created the MC and the name Mira Taylor.  I knew right away she was going to be a rock star with a haunted and tragic past. 

When I begin a book, the story and characters are already built…however, one of the most important things in a book is scene building.  When I decide where the story takes place, I do tons of research.  I’ve been to Paris, Italy, New York, Maine, and Rhode Island inside my mind, and I can’t wait until I can really visit some of the places my characters have lived.  It is very exciting when it all starts to come together.

My next book will be a sequel to ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me‘.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this story, it’s about a talk show host who a lover’s husband shoots, and her road back to recovery is laced with ghosts of the past and love that Laurel has eluded for years.  A few fans asked me if I would consider writing a sequel, and as I thought about it, I believe there is another story for Laurel and Sam.  More drama and more love…oh, and I was also told I can write a sex scene, so there will be plenty of those as well.

I could talk about writing for hours, and for those who are authors can attest, it is not easy to fill the blank canvas…but it is sure is a lot of fun.

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Thank you so much Michelle for being our guest. Readers, don’t forget to enter in the giveaway for a signed copy of ‘The Dark Star’. All you need to do is either add a comment to the blog post or else send me an email to

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