What I am doing right now.

I want to thank Michelle Marra and KA Moll for being guests on this blog. In addition to the blog, I have been catching up on some reading and will be posting a book review in the next upcoming weeks.

Today I want to talk about my first book, ‘Awakened by Fate.’ An unaware, naive, selfish woman experiences a bizarre occurrence one night that changes the course of her life. This book came out in March 2018 and is like a first born to me. The story has challenging themes, so be prepared.

In the beginning, my protagonist, Jackie is living the life of an office career woman who has aspirations to do sales and make money. She lives lavishly with her spouse in an open relationship, in West Hollywood, CA. WEHO is a trendy city in Los Angeles County that attracts LGBTQ, the rich, and celebrities. Although she’s not a celebrity, she pretends she is.

After the event, she experiences sensations like she has never before. Suddenly, the unknown becomes the known. Everything that she has ever worked for is gone and she must start anew.

Her biggest challenge is saying good bye to her ‘best friend’, her crutch for several years. This substance leads her to the rock bottom of her life alone. In this darkness, a new awareness comes to her after months of suffering. But can this new awareness be sustained and can she continue to grow spiritually and not regress?

Although the subject matter tends to be on the dark side, there is a lot of light throughout the story. Jackie meets new people, including a potential new love interest.

For ‘Awakened by Fate’, I chose interesting subjects such as paranormal, ESP, and energy healing to write about, as I have had a lifelong interest in such matters and believe that we have access to these abilities. Spirituality is also important to me. My life’s journey has included several spiritual awakenings of my own which has brought a deeper awareness and compassion for others.

This story deals with addiction, paranormal, ESP, and romance. It’s a great read for this weekend and available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Amazon UK.

Click on Picture Above to Purchase.

In other news, this fall, I have decided to resume my German studies. I will be auditing German 2. I took German 2 last fall, but was not able to grasp as much as I would have liked. I have been doing some studying this summer so I feel more prepared than I did when the class ended last December. I am planning to take my wife to Germany so I can show her where I lived and went to school when my family lived there.

We are still doing our monthly outreach work with the homeless. We put together snack bags that go with a boxed lunch and go to a park where a lot of homeless gather and distribute them there.

During this time, I have done much reflecting and made changes in my life. One thing I have done is declutter my house. I love the feeling of accomplishment as we go from closet to drawer and cleaning them out. Some things are donated while other clutter is put in the trash. I find that by letting go, my thinking gets clearer and I am able to focus better. Not to mention that the energy in the house feels greatly improved.


This past Memorial Day, we added to our family; a little black and white kitten with a pink nose. Her name is Kalani and she is a pistol. She darts all over the house and is feisty. The other cats do not intimidate her; I think she may be the alpha now. She likes to sit on my desk as I am working on my blogs and manuscripts. And she is fun to play the string toy with. I run around in circles and she follows the twine. I am so happy that our other cats have accepted her and there is no fighting. As a cat guardian for over 25 years, I know that it takes time and work to integrate a new family member. And the utmost tender care is required. We hold and pet Kalani while talking to her in a soft voice. We are in love with her.

2021 is all about gratitude and I am seeing much of it in my life. I can honestly say that I feel more at peace than I did last year. I am feeling optimistic about good things happening; often when we least expect them to.

I am very grateful to have each of you in my life. I want to also thank my guest bloggers for being on Lynn Lawler’s Book Blog. Stay tuned for more guest blogs and exciting book reviews. I am sending you off with love and look forward to talking with you next time!

Until Next Time,



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