My Review for Author Michelle Marra’s ‘The Dark Star’

Hello Everyone and welcome! Today I am presenting my review of Michelle Marra‘s ‘The Dark Star.’ I had the opportunity to beta read this story before it went into print. For those of you authors who are unfamiliar with beta’s, I am very grateful for them because they can tell you their point of view before the book hit the press. It feels so good to see this book out there and am thankful to Michelle for writing it.

Every song Mira created came from her heart, she wrote her pain, and she wrote her love.

Marra, Michelle. The Dark Star

This story is very deep and touches on some sensitive issues: incest, physical abuse, murder, and death. Some scenes describe themselves so visible that you will see it as though it were live. The vibe is heavy and it may bring up emotions. There are three main points of view and some head hopping with secondary characters. I am going to discuss the two protagonists, Mira and Chelsea and touch on the third.

Mira is a popular musician who is seeking to fulfill herself. As a child of extreme abuse, she suffers from PTSD and lives with a level of fear that has isolated her from relationships, including friends. She buries herself in her writing and playing music. She comes off as stoic and reserved. Certain subjects cause extreme reactions by her due to the extent of her long term pain. Many times she needs alone time, but sometimes carries it too far. Being independent, she speaks her mind and listens to her heart. You will understand by Mira’s actions, the effect her PTSD has on her and her loved ones; it has a suffocating grip on her. These dark scenes may cause yourself some reaction.

Chelsea is the second protagonist and Mira’s best friend, dating back to childhood. Chelsea plays the field often, but no one ever measures up to her. In her heart, she knows herself, but is too afraid to explore it. Her loving heart yearns to nurture her soulmate. She shows loving gestures to others and is considerate of their time and space. Her loving heart will do anything to make her soulmate happy. She has strong-woman traits and is the only one who understands Mira’s dark fears.

Whenever I think of you with someone else, I could lose my mind with jealousy.  And I know it sounds crazy, but I have thought about it.  I used to always wonder about you and whatever girl you were dating.  Seeing you kiss, touch, be lovey-dovey.  I always wondered about love, affection, and normal people stuff, ya know.  But now, I could never see you with anyone else ever.  Just the pain in my chest alone thinking about it is driving me crazy.”

Marra, Michelle. The Dark Star

A quick mention of the third point-of-view. Be prepared to be shocked and disgusted by their thoughts and actions. Their repulsive vibe is unsettling. Their character adds much suspense and wickedness.

Get ready for some hot and tender romance. A note of warning, some choice words are used, but they do not distract the reader. The vivid descriptions will sweep you away and lead you to that special place where all is blissful. The deeply emotional romance scenes will give you an experience that words can’t describe.

The story was a little slow in the beginning. However the author injects suspense in a big way. You are going to need to plan some time for this as it is not light reading. The plot shows the effect PTSD has on some people. It’s like living a horror film. The author portrays the characters beautifully, and builds up scenes so that you will crave the next part. With page-turning and emotional twists, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat with your adrenaline going. I highly recommend this book. It has been an educational and eye-opening experience.

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Here is an excerpt to get you started:

Mira sat at her piano with her fingers resting on the G chord.  She was at a loss of what she was even supposed to be playing and had been sitting like that for the past twenty minutes.  She knew she needed to work on her songs; the tour started up in a few weeks.  She had to be ready.  At least that’s what Chelsea told her when she practically shoved her into the studio.

But she couldn’t seem to concentrate on the music; her head was somewhere else.  She gazed out the large window across from her piano; she watched as the waves rolled in.  She couldn’t hear the sounds of the ocean and thought maybe if she opened the glass doors to the veranda, the soothing and pacifying sounds of the water may be able to help her focus.

Chelsea wasn’t in the house; she ran out to the grocery store while Mira was supposed to be practicing.  She wasn’t sure how to accomplish the task since Chelsea hadn’t been out of her sight or her bed in days.  She couldn’t think straight, let alone play.

Chelsea had brought to life a world for Mira she never knew existed.  She never thought that sex could be anything other than pain and shame.  She never imagined in her life that she would be present for sex again since she locked it all down and turned it all gray long ago.  But now that Chelsea found her sleeping heart and brought it to life and now her head was spinning, and her body was tingling.  When she’s was with Chelsea, her heart would skip a beat just from a glance, a gaze, a touch, or a kiss.  Maybe she could finish that song she started writing after their very first kiss.  The kiss left her breathless, confused, and wanting more.

She pressed down the G chord, the C chord, then broke them to play single notes.  Over and over, up and down the keys.  It was the melody she worked out on the guitar that night when Chelsea finally came home.  It was the same night she discovered how blind she’d been.

She played it faster, then slowed the tempo.  She played with vigor and passion as the melody began to take on her desire, yearning, and life.  Her heart rate picked up speed as she pounded the keys with intensity causing sweat to bead up on her brow and her shoulders to burn, but she wasn’t stopping.  This is what she did, this was who she was, which made her connect with fans who launched her into stardom because everyone can relate to love, pain, and heartache.

This song would be different from all the others she had written before, those filled with loss, pain, and tragedy.  This would be a song of chance, desire, and love.  And as she slammed the keys, a hum broke from her throat.


Five Stars

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I want to thank Michelle Marra for the ARC as well as educating us about the disorder. This story needs to be shared for awareness.

Until Next Time,


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