New Exciting Book by Author Jessica Pace – ‘Saving Nala’s Heart!’

Good Afternoon Readers and Friends and a warm welcome to you. Today I have a treat for you. Author Jessica Pace has just released her third book, ‘Saving Nala’s Heart.’ What makes this book even more amazing is that the author painted the book’s cover. In addition to her writing, Jessica has her own art website with original work for you to look at, jpacart.

Author/Artist Jessica Pace

Saving Nala’s Heart by Jessica Pace My name is Jessica Pace. I am currently the age of 34, and I am very new to writing. I have written three books so far in my life and have published them all myself through Amazon. My 3rd book, Saving Nala’s Heart, was written because someone I know has been through the things I wrote in this book. I also know that many people go through this kind of abuse without getting the help they need and deserve.

These things include physical and sexual abuse. However, since I am a writer that looks for the good in every story, I wrote this as a love story. Which is the only way I knew how. I say in the book something I mean very much. This was not my story; I just told it the best I could.

A review from Goodreads!

That is very much a true statement because the inspiration for this book and the story of abuse are real. Please know that a real person went through all the things in this book the good and the bad. The good being they found that someone to protect them, and the bad of course being this kind of abuse.

I wrote this book to get this person’s story out. So, the world of pain could be transformed into a world where they more than triumph, which in the end is true. I hope this can be true for more people. I personally know how abuse is, so to anyone that can understand as well, we more than have the strength to survive. To every Warrior out there who continues to endure and triumph, please know we are strong.

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My Nala said that like so much history was in that relationship. Some of her life’s pain too. Even confusion lurked in her mind. I am sure it was confusion on how someone who said they loved her, could possibly treat her badly. “You’re the only one who has ever been kind to me Sam.” At that my head hung low. Thinking to myself how unfair that was. “Hey don’t look like that Sam.” I looked up to see a radiant smile on, my Lovely’s face. One that showed me she was strong. Probably the strongest woman I would ever meet.

Thank you, Jessica, for being our guest today! Be sure to check out her two other books, available on Amazon.

Fighting My Demons: As They Get Stronger

Fighting My Demons: After Losing My Angel

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