Release Party – Author Morgan Elliot!

New Gripping Book and Audiobook!

“The Crying Chair”

“Stroke of the Brush,” audiobook

By Morgan Elliot

Good Afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you! Today is the day you want to be here! We have author Morgan Elliot here to talk about her new books, debuting today: ‘The Crying Chair’ and ‘Stroke of the Brush’ audiobook.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
C.S. Lewis
“The reason that fiction is more interesting than any other form of literature, is
that the author can really tell the truth without humiliating herself.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi! I’m Morgan and I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Prior to that, I lived all over the U.S.A., South, and Central America. I had an opportunity to retire early and try something new. My friend Erin Wade convinced me to write and incorporate some of my experiences into Lesfic novels, and so I did. While I was happily settled in Santa Fe, my traipsing days were not over—they simply were taking place in books!

My first five books incorporated experiences I personally had. In my sixth book, “The Crying Chair,” a close friend of mine was the inspiration for the development of this book. She recounted an experience she had as a young adult that colored her life forever. The story that evolved is not a romance, but it is a love story filled with adventure, mystery, and even some humor. It takes place in Charleston, S.C. where I have spent time with my niece and her family exploring both the tourist spots and the underbelly of the city. It is the third and final book in the Charleston Series. See what books are in the series below.

The Charleston Series

“Night and Day” is Book I of the series and it was my first attempt to write a paranormal mystery based on an old Victorian house I lived in.

Night and Daye was also adapted for the Young Adult LGBT audience, recognizable by the YA logo in the upper right-hand corner.

Book II was “Becoming Savvy,” a fast-paced high-tech adventure with compelling characters, and a real-world plot that will make you shudder.

All three books can be stand-alone reads, however, you might like to see how the characters weave in and out of the series.

Book III: “The Crying Chair” Now Available for Presale. Debut on March 15!

Click on picture to pre-order!

The Crying Chair” is a haunting, unforgettable story of trauma and resilience. It is a necessary book about finding the courage to overcome the past and find light in the darkest night. The mystery is compelling and its resolution serves as a reminder that love is tied to loss as well as the ability to overcome the struggle.

With equal parts of candor and empathy, this is the story of Kylie Rosewater who fought hard to pull herself from poverty into the world of important people and exciting society. A junior partner in a prestigious Charleston law firm, she has just learned she is about to be offered a partnership, something she hadn’t expected for another three years.

Everything was going great in Kylie’s world until the unseen finger of fate tugged the thin thread and everything began to unravel. She began having strange nightmares and bouts of nausea and dizziness. Chalking it up to exhaustion, she ignored the symptoms until events pointed the way to her tumultuous past.

Seeking the help of a therapist, she begins to explore the childhood traumas she thought she had put behind her, but the appearance of a stranger threatens to derail her progress. Would those devastating events that took place years ago be resolved, or would it put her life in danger?

Meet the Main Characters of “The Crying Chair,” a riveting age-gap story!

The main characters of “The Crying Chair” are diverse in age, ethnicity, and status. Kylie Rosewater, the central character, who has just turned thirty, comes from a poverty-stricken and emotionally abusive environment. She has overcome her childhood experiences and is an up-and-coming attorney in a well-known law firm. However, her past is full of secrets, childhood trauma, and heart-breaking experiences she can’t let go.

Dina LaCroix, an outrageous fifty-year-old woman, born and raised with a silver spoon, is a femme fatale cougar who gets herself in trouble playing peek-a-boo with young women. She seeks out Kylie to represent her in her two pressing legal matters and in the process hounds Kylie for a fling.

Savi Lahiri, a forty-year-old bi-racial woman, is well known and respected as an intellectual property attorney. She takes Kylie under her wing, mentors her, and forges a deep friendship filled with humor and love.

Robin Byrd, the law firm’s private eye has her fingers in everything, including Charleston’s underbelly. Her rough and tumble exterior, plus her record as a decorated police detective, opens doors that lead to nothing but trouble.

Dr. Aurora Greco, a middle-aged Latina, helps Kylie reflect on issues from her past, guides her through roadblocks, and assists her in changing the way she thinks about herself and her experiences by building a bridge of affection, fondness, and admiration.

Jess Murphy, a mysterious woman in her mid-forties, keeps popping up in places that Kylie frequents, piquing the interest of the young lawyer. When she finally has the courage to meet her, the unexpected happens.

Kylie Rosewater
Dina LaCroix
Savi Lahiri
Robin Byrd
Dr. Aurora Greco
Jess Murphy

Excerpts from “The Crying Chair”

Here are a few short excerpts to give you a flavor of “The Crying Chair” and the characters!

Kylie meeting with Dina LaCroix for the first time!

“Please forgive me, you look so familiar, yet I can’t place you.”
The woman, still holding Kylie’s hand, took a step closer to Kylie, invading her personal space.
Kylie’s first thought was to take a step backwards, but her intuition told her to hold her ground.
The woman spoke with an exaggerated Southern accent. “You remember mah name, right?” said the woman.
“Yes of course. Ms. Lahiri introduced you as Dina LaCroix, so unless you are impersonating someone else, I am assuming you are Mrs. LaCroix.”
“Ah, a beautiful woman and a sense of humor!” The woman continued to hold Kylie’s hand and reached for her bare shoulder with the other, pure amusement on her face.
“Your assumption is correct. Ahh am indeed Dina LaCroix and you can call me Dina, but so we know who’s who, ahh think you are Ms. Lahiri’s plus one, right? Is that a permanent position or is it just for the night?”
Kylie was surprised at the inappropriate double entendre and decided to put Dina in her place. “I am always Ms. Lahiri’s plus one in the courtroom, but beyond that, I ride solo.”

Kylie and Savi are having a celebratory dinner after Kylie won an important legal case!

Savi speared a calamari ring with her fork, dipped it into a creamy chipotle sauce, and sat back waiting for Kylie to downplay her compliment, as was her custom.
“I guess I was okay, at least enough to win the case,” replied Kylie smiling. “Why do you do that, Kylie?”
“Do what?”
“Deflect compliments.”
“I don’t know what you mean, Savi.”
“Yes you do and I have a good idea why. May I tell you my thoughts?”
“Sure. Go ahead. This ought to be good.” Kylie had an indulgent grin across her face. She knew Savi couldn’t possibly know the real reasons, but it would be fun to hear her speculate.
“I don’t believe it’s just humility. I think it’s because you don’t think you deserve the recognition or the praise.”
Kylie put her fork down on her plate and prepared herself for the sure-to-come cross-examination that Savi was famous for.
“I want to know why you don’t think you deserve the recognition when you have done an outstanding job?”
“I haven’t given it much thought, Savi.” “Come on. That’s bull shit and you know it.” “Why is this so important to you?”
“Because we are about to offer you a partnership and can’t have people thinking that you are lacking in confidence in your abilities, even though I know that isn’t true. If it were, then you wouldn’t be the maverick you occasionally are.”

Kylie, talking to her therapist, Aurora Greco, about her mother’s death.

“I loved my mother deeply. I never understood why she didn’t leave my father, but she always tried to protect me and give me as normal a life possible in spite of the circumstances. After her death, my father lived in an inebriated haze, and I went to stay with my maternal grandparents who were very strict and not at all encouraging about my idea of going to college.”
“What did they want you to do?”
“Find a man, get married, have children, and make moonshine. Meanwhile, less than a year after my mother’s death, my father got remarried to a woman just a few years older than myself. Six months later, I had a half-sister. Even then, I was keenly aware that I did not want to perpetuate the cycle of poverty and live an unfulfilling life. I was even more determined to make something of myself.”

Kylie decides to take Dina’s legal case.

“Hello. This is Kylie.”
“Why hello, darlin.’ What are you doing?” The voice was a Southern dripping femme-fatal, but Kylie couldn’t place it.
“May I ask who is calling?”
“Mah dear, dear Kylie, don’t tell me you don’t recognize mah voice. Ahh thought we had a connection.”
Oh shit! It’s Dina. How the hell did she get my personal number? “I do recognize your voice now.
How are you Mrs. LaCroix?”
“Well, aren’t you just so sweet calling me Mrs. LaCroix, but ahh thought we were on a first name basis.”
“Excuse me Mrs. LaCroix, but how do you happen to have my personal phone number?” “What’s the matter, mah sweet honey pie? Aren’t you glad to hear from me?”
What the hell do I do with this situation? “It’s not that, Mrs. LaCroix. I try to keep my personal life separate from my business life and don’t give out this number very often.”
“Sugar, ahh have mah ways, but you don’t sound too happy with all the trouble ahh went through to bribe someone for your number.”
Kylie sputtered. “You bribed someone to get this number? Who?” I’m gonna kill whoever it was, silently mused Kylie.
“Oh angel, don’t worry your pretty little head. Ahh was just funnin’ you. It was just mah husband.
He had your card.”
“Mrs. La Croix, he had my business card, but my personal number was not on it.” “Sweet pea, don’t be so technical. Where’s the fun in that?”
Kylie was losing her patience and decided to hell with consequences. “Mrs. LaCroix, would you please tell me why it is that you called me?” She was pretty sure that Dina would not divulge how she got her number.
“Ahh like that. Right to the chase. Well, ahh have a legal problem and ahh need to consult with an attorney.”
“I’m sure you have an attorney because you are married to one, and besides, I specialize in Intellectual Property, so unless someone has violated a copyright, patent, trademark, or has stolen a trade secret or some other kind of intellectual property, I’m afraid I can’t help you.”
“Look at you, getting all lawyerly. Why don’t we have a drink tonight and ahh can explain mah problem to you?”
“Mrs. La Croix, I’ll be happy to make an appointment for you at the office next week, but I am not going out to discuss business over a drink.”
“How about we just have a drink and don’t discuss business?” She laughed at her own suggestion, then said, “Ahh can think of other things we could be doing.”

Reader Reviews of “Stroke of the Brush”

In case you haven’t read my previous book, “Stroke of the Brush,” here are some reader reviews. It is also out now on audio with the incomparable Melody Alice narrating. No one does voices and accents like she does!

5 Stars: Intriguing
Reviewed in the U.S.A. on January 17, 2022

Verified Purchase
Stroke of the brush was very creative and entertaining. The characters ranged in age which is good for those of us who are older than most characters in a romance. I recommend this book.

5 Stars: Very Impressive Love Story

Reviewed in the U.S.A. on January 14, 2022

Verified Purchase

I really can’t call this book a romance but it is a love story. It’s more about Riley (a famous eye doctor) coming to terms with herself. Can she fall in love? Does she even want to fall in love? All she knows in the beginning is that she has become obsessed with a painting and “needs” to reach out to the artist. Oh, my gosh but the trials and tribulations that seem sometimes insurmountable are told with great care and with some humor thrown in. Call it fate or destiny or whatever but sometimes things just happen that are life changing. I really liked how Sara (plastic surgeon) slipped herself right into Riley’s life. I also enjoyed the fact that age didn’t matter. Ana, 70’ish–Riley, 50ish–and Sara 30’ish. All so well personified that I couldn’t find fault with any of them. All-in-all this was an outstanding book. Thank you so much for this one, Morgan Elliot.

5 Stars: Chance, Fate, Destiny, In Real Life?

Reviewed in the U.S.A. on January 11, 2022

Verified Purchase
This story and the writing was very good. Riley is a doctor of ophthalmology, well known and highly respected. She is married to her work as a surgeon. She loves it and gets great satisfaction from helping her patients. But she starts to feel that there is something missing especially since turning 50. Suddenly struck speechless by a painting she allows it to open her tightly controlled emotions. Soon there are people whirling into and out of her life and they all seem to be leading her somewhere. It’s worth your while to follow her on this trip beyond her comfort zone.

5 Stars: Marvelous Age-Gap Medical Romance

Reviewed in the U.S.A. on January 5, 2022

Verified Purchase
Dr. Isabel Riley Raynor is one of the world’s best eye surgeons. Dr. Sara Taylor is an exceptional talented plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Their journey to a life together is not destined to be easy. Riley must find her “bliss” before they will have a chance at a life together. Wonderful Story

5 Stars: Well Told Story
Reviewed Canada on December 14, 2021

Verified Purchase
I really recommend this book! It has an interesting story that made it hard to put the book down. I liked all the characters. Riley and Sara had great chemistry. Ana was a riot as Riley’s BFF. Will be checking out more from this author for sure.

On a Personal Note

My wife and I are dog lovers, (cats too, but I sneeze a lot when they are around). We had been looking for a while and found this adorable pup around four months old at a rescue agency this past Christmas. She is tri-colored, and the shelter is guessing an Australian Shepherd cross. She has learned to sit on command, walk on a leash, and sort of “stay.” Lexi is also way too smart for her own good and regularly gets into trouble. She realized that the door to the garage doesn’t always shut completely, and she pushed up against it, getting out into the garage, then out the open overhead door when my wife was wheeling the trash bins to the curb on garbage day. Luckily she came right back when my wife called her. Here is the latest photo of the little scamp.

Thank you for letting me share my new book and audiobook with you!

“The Crying Chair”

“Stroke of the Brush” book:

“Stroke of the Brush” audio book on Awesound:

“Stroke of the Brush” audio book on Amazon Audible:

Morgan, I want to thank you for being our guest today! It was a pleasure having you and I am really excited for you and your new book, ‘The Crying Chair.’ This book is available for prepurchase so everyone, get your copy! You are not going to want to miss this one!

Until Next Time,


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