Meet Author Connie Harris Castillo!

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today we have author Connie Harris Castillo sharing about her new biography, ‘Not Just a Nurse,’ a heart-touching story about her wife’s life. Read on!

Hi folks! I’m a newbie in writing circles. I’m Connie Harris Castillo, and I’m a home-grown Texan butch. Until six years ago I was happily ‘married’ to a pretty Judy Garland look-a-like. We were together for twenty-one great years.

I’m a charge nurse by profession, and as the title ‘Not Just the Nurse’ suggests, so was my partner, Jeanne. I can never be described as a bookworm. Jeanne was an avid reader, and would read aloud to me whenever I asked, which was often. You see, I’m dyslexic. For someone who doesn’t understand dyslexia, it means I have to concentrate so hard to put letters in the right order. They appear jumbled together – like two jigsaws mixed in the same box! Given my disadvantage, the idea of me writing a book seemed way out of my league. Undeterred, I asked for help, but people didn’t take me seriously. I know I smile a lot, but I was very serious about it.

I wanted to mark Jeanne’s life. I wanted to tell you her story. After much perseverance, I found someone interested. A year later ‘Not Just the Nurse’ was born.

Six years following Jeanne’s passing I am now the proud author of her biography, and it’s something I’d love to share with you. It’s been a cathartic experience. The day I finished, I cried like a baby!  I cannot thank the person, who wishes to remain anonymous, enough, for helping me through the year’s ups and downs with such compassion, patience and understanding, while I struggled to comprehend the finer details of formatting, editing, and technical jargon, involved.

The House that Connie Built for Jeanne

The book tells of many adventures on the road when I became a trucker, building our own first home in Missouri (picture inset), and our impromptu cruise of a lifetime. It tells how she melded seamlessly with my family. There are historical references, mainly the impact 9/11 had on our lives as nurses, and the wonderful people we met along our journey across America. It talks of Jeanne’s beliefs and her philosophy about life and death.

She had many peculiar sayings, and colourful language, which always shocked me coming from such a luscious mouth. It made life joyous, amusing. Her personality is captured within the pages of ‘Not Just the Nurse’. You’ll not fail to warm to her, as so many people did during her shortened lifetime.

She never judged, and taught me to be a better person. She was strong on personal growth. Her message comes across clearly. She hopes you will understand that this tale of excitement, adventure, promise, commitment, responsibility and strong faith is paramount to true happiness. Love in all colourful guises does exist! The only uncompromising message: She was not Just the Nurse.

Both of us returning to nursing after 9/11. Jeanne is on the right.

‘Not Just the Nurse’ link:

It’s ready for pre-order now for launch on 15th April, 2022!

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I want to thank Connie for being our guest today! Connie, it was a pleasure having you on the blog! As mentioned above, Connie’s book will be available on April 15th so reserve your copy today!

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  1. It’s great to read your blogs, Lynn, and cool that you help so many new writers find their voice. Keep up the good work! The world needs people like you with an eye for fresh talent.

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