Summer 2022

Hello Everyone, and welcome! Thank you for your support with my blog and two books, Awakened by Fate and Enticed by Love. Today I am sharing some new things with me and some updates about the two manuscripts I am working on. First, I want to share about our baby, Kalani.

Kalani May 2021

Last Memorial Day, we adopted the most beautiful black and white kitten, whom we named Kalani. She was a pistol and so full of energy. We could keep her entertained for a long time with the string toy. She was shy at first and wouldn’t really let us hold her. She has a white baby blanket (Picture above) which she kneads a lot, especially if stressed.

Now she is over a year old and is still as feisty as she was the day we brought her home. Today she has bonded more with us and has allowed us to hold her a little when she feels like it. She loves to cuddle and bump her head against you. She still kneads the baby blanket and plays with the string toy. Now she hangs out with us while we are working in our office. It is reassuring when she jumps on my desk and sits under my screen. She is a blessing!

We have been to the Hawaiian Islands many times and wanted to bring more of the Hawaiian spirit home. Kalani is a Hawaiian name that means ‘The Heavens.’ She is an angel, and we just adore her.

Kalani June 2022

What I am working on now!

This year I have been engaged with two incredibly exciting projects! I want to thank my author friends for their feedback and support; a special thanks to Domina Alexandra (see my blog).

For the first project, my current round of editing is complete. This story involves many unexpected turns. Imagine being hunted down for an incredible characteristic. My protagonist must jump through many hoops and has opportunities for spiritual growth. In the midst of it, a sneaky, annoying antagonist appears that will give you goosebumps.

I am focusing on portraying the protagonist on a deep emotional level with her family. The supporting characters come alive and will capture your heart. Everyone endures many dangerous obstacles to connect the dots in the plot. Then a twist occurs that may surprise you.

I am taking a short break from editing and researching images on Shutterstock for my cover and other media promotions. Here is one possible reveal that may be used.

Imagine waking up to white light surrounding you! Being awed, you are speechless and cannot move as the Presence approaches. Shapes materialize, followed by a sharp pain before losing consciousness.

For my other project, I need to review it.

The plot has many angles, including a real piece of work antagonist who stops at nothing. The subject matter is pretty dark and may be frightening at times. The scenarios are bizarre circumstances.

What I have been doing!

My spirituality has opened wide this past year, and I am in a different place than I was a year ago. Now I find myself doing spiritual practices as I embrace higher vibes, thus creating an inner life with myself. One way that is helping me achieve this is through my service work with our church.

Each month we put on a picnic for the homeless. We meet in a big park in North Hollywood and set up a buffet for the people in the park. We serve homemade and storebought food. It sometimes feels like a big party when I am serving.

Recently, I’ve become a garden volunteer. (See photos above). Our group has been working hard, helping the groundskeepers plant new plants on the property and prune others. It has been a load of fun. I even have my own tools that I bring each time. As a result, the grounds are becoming beautified.

All of this work has helped expand my consciousness. I focus on finding the good in others and building on that. We are all one, and it is time we reach out to others and embrace them for who they are as an individual. I am no longer trying to influence ideas onto others who don’t jive with them; instead, I go with the people who get me. I have to let those people go so they can move along their own life’s journey.

I am hopeful for the future despite all the chaos around us. Things are coming to the surface to be dealt with and released. Let’s do what we can to make the present a happy place. This starts with this moment.

Thank you for stopping by today! It was great to see you all! Be sure to stop by next time. I am presenting a book review! If you missed my last blog on Juneteenth, you can read it here:

Until Next Time,


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