Summer Blessings!

Hello everyone, and welcome! Today I am reflecting on thoughts that have made this time of year a blessing and some thoughts on other topics that are important to me. Many remarkable things are manifesting now, and I am delighted.

Summertime represents freedom. I love everything about the season, especially the warm temperatures and the greenness of the trees and foliage. Summertime has always been a laid-back time for me. As a child, I often went solo into the nearby forests and read out in nature. It drew me closer to something bigger and more significant than me.

Summertime still has the same vibe. It may be sweltering, but I feel more relaxed during these months and take life slower. This way, I get to enjoy every moment freely.

This year, we celebrate staycations, a vacation where you stay home. This has been a wonderful time for us to do projects around the house. My mind relaxes as the clutter dissipates. Spring cleaning is more than wiping away the dirt from under the carpet; it represents saying goodbye to things that no longer serve us.

Sitting on our back porch is refreshing in the evening, admiring our garden. The potted plants and trees have created an oasis; Many of my book and blog ideas have come about as I gaze. Here, I connect with my spiritual Source and reflect on things such as gratitude and goodness.

Being out in nature is another way I connect with Source. We meet with my sisters-in-law to go to the botanical gardens and parks for a walk and picnic. Many places around the LA area are either free or low-cost. Recently, we visited Central Park in Huntington Beach, and the vibe was soothing and serene.

The next place on our agenda is a visit to one of the National Forests in SoCal. We plan to drive through the woods or have a day camp with no fire. The scent of pine trees sends me back to when I used to hike in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. I can’t wait to experience the peace of being under the tall trees.

Since SoCal experiences so much drought, we are mindful of our water usage; we replaced our grass with rocks and desert plants. We have various cacti, succulents, and tall desert grass in the front yard. They require much less water and are easier to maintain than our former lawn. In our backyard, With our aloe vera succulents and certain blossoming cacti, we attract many hummingbirds and butterflies. You can check your local utility company to see if they have incentives for replacing the lawn with a desert landscape.

Near the beginning of the year, we had a few downpours that soothed my soul. The sounds of water droplets hitting the drainpipe and splashing sounds from the street, along with the freshness that follows blesses me.

I hope the drought will be over by Fall so we can have a relaxing downfall.

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

I have a major concern that I’d like to discuss. As an author, I understand how much work goes into creating, publishing, and promoting books. It is shocking to learn that many of my favorite author’s work has been posted on “free sites.”  These sites are degrading to the author. Not to mention that others have reported some of them to be phishing sites.

I encourage you to visit legitimate sites and stores such as Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, and Bookbub. Many publishers will also have the books available on their websites. If you know of other safe sites, please let us know.

Authors also depend on their fans to support them. This is why it is so important to visit Goodreads or Amazon when you finish a book and leave a review, especially if you liked the story. The authors really appreciate this feedback.

Artists are creative souls who have something extraordinary to express. For artists to flourish, we need to respect individual intellectual properties that beautify and express a variety of cultural perspectives. Without art, our cultures would fall apart so please be a supporter of legitimate sales.

Photo by mali maeder on

These past months, I have been busy with my manuscripts. Currently, I’m editing a story taking place in a frightening circumstance that tests the protagonist’s experience. Many obstacles come into play, creating an obscure reality. In the midst, a twist emerges, sending our characters in another direction. Intertwined through drama while a mystery unravels, the players find a little romance, a lot of diversity, and incredible depth.

In other news, I am working on a few mind-blowing stories; nothing is omitted in Lynn’s world. My protagonists experience a new way of life while living in a strange place. All along, truths emerge, and they are caught in the middle. Be prepared for some surprises.

Thank you for visiting today! I will keep you posted about my WIP.

Until Next Time,


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