Mountains and Canyons

Good Afternoon, Friends, and welcome. Today I am reposting a favorite blog of mine, sharing an activity I enjoy. This blog was initially posted on Aug 14, 2019. Enjoy!

Hello everyone, and welcome. I want to thank you for visiting last week. It was great to see you all. I hope you have had a lovely summer. I went out and did something I love: hiking in nature in the early morning.

San Francisco Mountains – Coconino National Forest, AZ

Years ago, when I lived in AZ, I used to take my truck up to Flagstaff and go hiking alone in the San Francisco Peaks, located just north of the city. I would go up and camp out in the forest. Then I would wake up at 5 am and hit the trails. My favorite one is the Weatherford trail. It starts at the bottom of the mountain and goes up to the top. It is rated moderate since there is some rough footing along the way. But at the top, you have a 360-degree view of the mountains and northern AZ. I found the site to be exceptionally beautiful and serene. I could spend hours just sitting there enjoying it.

While trekking, I was amazed at the Aspen and pine trees. It is such an experience to be there and see it. Along the way, I saw wild animals such as deer. I was always told to watch out for black bears, but I never witnessed one.

I’ve found some trails here in the Los Angeles area that are great. I like to go with a friend. We’ve been to some trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. The trails are marked moderate since they do go up an incline. But the views along the way are spectacular, and I felt a similar feeling as I did when I was hiking in Flagstaff. The pictures below were taken in the Santa Monica mountains.

I like to travel on paths that do not get much traffic. I love the serenity when I’m alone with other hikers. I feel the path I’m on and am one with my surroundings. Even when I get lost, I can always find the path or my way out with little effort. I like to go in the early morning because the views are at their best.

I would love to take a day drive to a place and do an early morning hike just like I did in Flagstaff. I have my eyes set on spots like the Angeles National Forest. There they have a trail that leads to a waterfall. I’m planning to hike there soon. I always pack in a lot of water and some trail mix. And of course, what I pack in I take out with me. Doing this extra step helps others who want to experience the trail.

The pictures below were taken in Franklin Canyon, which is in the Santa Monica mountains.

My hiking buddy and I also go hiking in another place in the Santa Monica Mountains with breathtaking views. This place is more remote than Franklin Canyon and is a strenuous walk. It goes up to the canyon’s rim, and the incline is steep. Be prepared with lots of water and trail mix to do this trek. The path divides into others which we are going to explore soon.

What about you? Where have you gone hiking? Do you have any trails that you love that you’d like to share? Feel free to do so in the comments.

Wow, these walks take me back to a peaceful and serene feeling. I thrive being out in nature, and these hikes allow me to see beautiful scenery while moving my legs. I am looking forward to the heat decreasing so I can explore another trail. Always bring lots of water when you go and when it is cool out.

Thank you for visiting today. Stay tuned for my Daily Feels Blog – Coming the week of September 18, 2022.

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