Mountains and Canyons

Good Afternoon, Friends, and welcome. Today I am reposting a favorite blog of mine, sharing an activity I enjoy. This blog was initially posted on Aug 14, 2019. Enjoy! Hello everyone, and welcome. I want to thank you for visiting last week. It was great to see you all. I hope you have had a… Continue reading Mountains and Canyons

Where is all the Rain in SoCal?

Hello Friends and Readers, and welcome! Today I am sharing a blog that was originally posted in January 2017. Southern California is experiencing a severe drought this year, so I felt this post would add some hope for those of us who are affected by it. Rainy Day in SoCal It was raining cats and… Continue reading Where is all the Rain in SoCal?

My Review for Amy Dunne’s ‘Season’s Meetings’

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Thank you so much for visiting last week. The blog meant a lot to me and thanks to all for liking it. This week I’m extending the holiday season with my book review for author Amy Dunne – ‘Season’s Meetings.’ As many of you know, Christmas is a favorite time… Continue reading My Review for Amy Dunne’s ‘Season’s Meetings’