My Review for Author Michelle Marra’s ‘The Dark Star’

Hello Everyone and welcome! Today I am presenting my review of Michelle Marra‘s ‘The Dark Star.’ I had the opportunity to beta read this story before it went into print. For those of you authors who are unfamiliar with beta’s, I am very grateful for them because they can tell you their point of view… Continue reading My Review for Author Michelle Marra’s ‘The Dark Star’

Meet Author Michelle Marra

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today we have Author/Musician Michelle Marra as our guest. If you haven’t read, ‘The Dark Star‘, yet, listen up. In this blog we are having a giveaway for a signed copy from Michelle. All you need to do is put in a comment to this blog or else contact me… Continue reading Meet Author Michelle Marra

Nice Spring Night

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. First of all, I’d like to thank author Missouri Vaun (aka Paige Braddock) for sharing last week. Her new book, ‘Crossing the Wide Forever’ is now out. I will be looking for discussion soon.  The weather has been very nice and is perfect to be spending outside. It is almost… Continue reading Nice Spring Night