Meet Author Mavis Applewater

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you so much for your continued support! Today I am presenting a guest blog. Meet author Mavis Applewater. First, I’d like to thank Lynn for inviting me to meet all of you. I thought it was exceedingly kind and brave of her to encourage me to talk about anything.… Continue reading Meet Author Mavis Applewater

Meet Author Victoria Holmes

Good afternoon, Everyone and welcome. Today author Victoria Holmes is here to share. Her new book, Poptastic, is now available. Hello everyone, my name is Victoria Holmes, and I released my debut novel, Poptastic in May. It’s been a busy few months trying to build contacts and work out how to publicize a book, but… Continue reading Meet Author Victoria Holmes

Meet Author Leslye Marks

Good Afternoon, Everyone, and welcome. First of all, I’d like to announce the winner of my e-book – Kim. Congrats! Kim, please PM me your email address so I can send it to you. Today author Leslye Marks (Changes Still to Come) is here to share with you. Leslye Marks June 6th-Lynn Lawler Blog Post… Continue reading Meet Author Leslye Marks

Meet Author Elle Hyden

Hello Everyone and welcome! Today, author Elle Hyden is here to share about herself and her new book, Lost & Found: A Mystic Meteor Tale. This book is hot and has all 5-star reviews on Amazon. Let’s meet this amazing author. Howdy, Y’all. I’m coming to you from San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo.… Continue reading Meet Author Elle Hyden

Meet Author Jax Meyer

Hello Everyone and welcome. Today my guest blogger is author Jax Meyer. Be sure to enter the giveaway for her new upcoming book, A Marine Discovery. The Power of Own Voices representation I’m relatively new to Lesfic, both as a reader and writer. I didn’t know it existed until I was searching for an escape… Continue reading Meet Author Jax Meyer

Meet Author MA Binfield

Good Afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you. Thank you for stopping by last week for my author’s news. I really appreciate all of your support. Today author MA Binfield is here to chat about her new book. Stay tuned for my review – coming soon. Blog for Lynn Lawler – MA Binfield Thanks… Continue reading Meet Author MA Binfield

Meet Author Josette Murray

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. It was great to see you all and the new faces last week. Today author Josette Murray is here to share. She has two books out, Silver Love and To Be Loved. Let’s go meet her. End of year musings I downloaded a collection of autumn screensaver pictures that wow… Continue reading Meet Author Josette Murray

Meet Author Pascal Scott

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Thank you for stopping by last week to meet author Claire Highton-Stevenson. Today author Pascal Scott, author of the new thriller Hard Luck is here. Let’s give her a warm welcome. How We Got Here, A Lament By Pascal Scott Sometimes I think I’m just too old for all this.… Continue reading Meet Author Pascal Scott

Meet Author Claire Highton-Stevenson

Good Afternoon, Everyone and welcome. Thanks for visiting last week to meet Author Sandra Gerth aka Jae. Today Author Claire Highton-Stevenson is here to share. Let’s give her a warm welcome. So, earlier this year, I won a Goldie award for my book, The Promise. But I got to thinking that maybe you haven’t heard… Continue reading Meet Author Claire Highton-Stevenson

Meet Author Jae

Hello, Friends and Followers welcome. Thank you for visiting last week for my Halloween blog. Today we have a very special guest – Sandra Gerth aka Jae. Let’s all give her a warm welcome. When I thought about a topic to blog about, one thing immediately came to mind: one of the few popular pieces… Continue reading Meet Author Jae