#FF – Interview with Author Erin Wade

Hello Everyone. Thank you for coming last week. This week I have been engrossed with beta reading a book that will be published later this year by a popular author. Beta Reading is something I enjoy doing and the published books hold a special place in me. Today I am presenting my very first interview… Continue reading #FF – Interview with Author Erin Wade

Meet Author Sarah Markel!

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you to all who entered into my book Giveaway for ‘Enticed by Love’ last week. I am giving it a few more days so if you’d like a copy, just add a comment to this blog. You can also send me an email to lynnlawler@lynnlawlerbooks.com. Let’s give a warm… Continue reading Meet Author Sarah Markel!

Come to my live ‘Grilling’ on Monday!

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you! Things are going great and I can’t complain. Thank you for visiting my live reading in the Facebook group, The Lesbian Fiction Campfire last Saturday. I really appreciate your support. It was a lot of fun! Tomorrow (Monday) (Sept. 14, 20) at 4:30 p.m. CST (2:30 p.m.… Continue reading Come to my live ‘Grilling’ on Monday!

My live reading this Saturday!

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you! I have taken a break from the blog for a little while. I am starting up my news letter, coming soon. I will be talking about what is new and exciting with my work as well as what I’ve been up to. If you would like to… Continue reading My live reading this Saturday!

Meet Author Robin DeLisle

Hello Friends and welcome. Today author Robin DeLisle is here as my guest blogger. She is the author of ‘Miranda.’ Come and meet this amazing woman. Hi, everyone! I am happy to have this opportunity to say hello and share some information about my books. As I read the recent blog by Jax Meyer (A… Continue reading Meet Author Robin DeLisle

My adventures in whale watching

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. As excited as I am about the release of my book, Enticed by Love, but I’m still working on the cover. I have had to push it back a few days. I will keep you updated about its release, which should be next week. Today I’m going to share with… Continue reading My adventures in whale watching