Summer 2022

Hello Everyone, and welcome! Thank you for your support with my blog and two books, Awakened by Fate and Enticed by Love. Today I am sharing some new things with me and some updates about the two manuscripts I am working on. First, I want to share about our baby, Kalani. Last Memorial Day, we… Continue reading Summer 2022

Meet Author Connie Harris Castillo!

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today we have author Connie Harris Castillo sharing about her new biography, ‘Not Just a Nurse,’ a heart-touching story about her wife’s life. Read on! Hi folks! I’m a newbie in writing circles. I’m Connie Harris Castillo, and I’m a home-grown Texan butch. Until six years ago I was happily… Continue reading Meet Author Connie Harris Castillo!

My review of “Memoir in the Making” by Adrian J. Smith

Good afternoon Friends, and welcome! It has been a little while since I last posted. I have been working hard on my two projects, slated to be released in 2023! Today I am reposting my review for a book that I enjoyed a lot. It is ‘Memoir in the Making,’ by Adrian J. Smith. If… Continue reading My review of “Memoir in the Making” by Adrian J. Smith

My Review for Author Michelle Marra’s ‘The Dark Star’

Hello Everyone and welcome! Today I am presenting my review of Michelle Marra‘s ‘The Dark Star.’ I had the opportunity to beta read this story before it went into print. For those of you authors who are unfamiliar with beta’s, I am very grateful for them because they can tell you their point of view… Continue reading My Review for Author Michelle Marra’s ‘The Dark Star’