Hiking Blog

Hello everyone and welcome. I want to thank you for visiting last week. It was great to see you all. I hope you have had a very nice summer. I went out and did something I love to do a lot – hiking in nature in the early morning. Years ago when I lived in… Continue reading Hiking Blog

Wintertime Miracles

Good afternoon everyone and welcome. It is great to see you today. Thank you for stopping by last week for my review of Victoria Avilan‘s ‘The Art of Peeling an Orange.’ Stay tuned for more book reviews in the future. Today I’m sharing some recent happenings. For what seemed like weeks was actually only six days… Continue reading Wintertime Miracles

#FF Flashback Friday – Meet Photographer Laure Dherbécourt

Good afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you. This past week, I caught up with my artist friend, Laure Dherbécourt, whom I featured back in December 2017. Since then she’s been doing a lot of interesting things. Come on over and see what she’s been up to as well as read the interview that… Continue reading #FF Flashback Friday – Meet Photographer Laure Dherbécourt

Jennifer Lynn – An Artist’s Journey Documentation

Good afternoon friends, readers, fans, and welcome. Today I am featuring a blog by artist Jennifer Lynn. She has put together a GoFundMe project for an artist documentary hike she is embarking on later this year as a way to inspire others to never give up, know that you can change for the better and… Continue reading Jennifer Lynn – An Artist’s Journey Documentation

Whale Watching 2018

Hello everyone and welcome. Thank you for visiting last week to meet author Graysen Morgen. Her book, ‘Castor Valley’ is out and is doing very well, so check it out. Thank you, Graysen. This year keeps getting better and better. Two years ago we went whale watching on a stormy day and didn’t see any… Continue reading Whale Watching 2018

Meet Photographer Laure Dherbécourt

Good afternoon friends. It is so great to see you all. Today I have a real treat for you. Photographer Laure Dherbécourt is here to chat about her work. This woman is amazing and each aspect of herself describes just that. Come on over and meet this talented and humble woman.        … Continue reading Meet Photographer Laure Dherbécourt