Meet Author Amy Stinnett

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Come meet Author Amy Stinnett (Rest Stop and the Chickenshit Volume Series). Her new book, Uncertain Futures, is due any day now! Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope the day finds you feeling loved, strong, and ready to take on whatever these times are going to dish out. Thanks, Lynn, for… Continue reading Meet Author Amy Stinnett

Thank you – 5-star review for Enticed by Love

Hello everyone! I cannot begin to express the gratitude I am feeling. My journey creating Enticed by Love has been fun and rewarding. I am happy. I am sharing with you a 5-Star review I recently received for my #newrelease, Enticed by Love. Click the image above to view the original review.   Purchase Enticed… Continue reading Thank you – 5-star review for Enticed by Love