Summer Blessings!

Hello everyone, and welcome! Today I am reflecting on thoughts that have made this time of year a blessing and some thoughts on other topics that are important to me. Many remarkable things are manifesting now, and I am delighted. Summertime represents freedom. I love everything about the season, especially the warm temperatures and the… Continue reading Summer Blessings!

Hiking Blog

Hello everyone and welcome. I want to thank you for visiting last week. It was great to see you all. I hope you have had a very nice summer. I went out and did something I love to do a lot – hiking in nature in the early morning. Years ago when I lived in… Continue reading Hiking Blog

My Review of Suzie Carr’s ‘The Curvy Side of Life’

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you for stopping by last week. It was a huge turnout and I appreciate your support. This week I’m featuring my review for Suzie Carr’s ‘The Curvy Side of Life.’ Let’s meet our main players, Faith, Danielle, Martina, and Candace. “I think everything happens the way it’s supposed to… Continue reading My Review of Suzie Carr’s ‘The Curvy Side of Life’